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We are Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae!



We are Byungjin Park and Hyungseok Yang, the representatives of Baekchae

Kimchi Jjigae. In 2013, we started Baekchae in a small alley in Bongcheon-dong,

Seoul, at our age of late 20s.

We didn't have any experience in restaurant business at the time, but with one

ambition of running a restaurant, we did our trade area investigation and

interior construction by ourselves.

We walked around the streets for hours in the middle of winter to investigate

the area, and when we demolished the ceiling during the interior construction, 

we were once covered with rat poop.

The water pipes that we connected with the knowledge from the internet often

leaked, and the poorly painted wall had to be repainted three times. We spied at

other stores because we had no customers, and uncooked rice was served

because of a large backlog in orders.

We worked hard to overcome those difficulties and hardship in the beginning of

the business, and through those experiences, we built up our own recipe in

starting a business and running a restaurant.

Ten years have passed, and the small restaurant, which started in the small alley

of Bongcheon-dong, has now become Korea's No.1 Kimchi Jjigae restaurant with

250 stores nationwide and a company that directly operates a manufacturing 


From now on, Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae will become a global brand based on its

success in Korea. We would like to make Kimchi Jjigae, a Korean soul food, into a

food that all people around the world can enjoy.

We would like to pour the passion of the two representatives 10 years ago, to

make it a global brand with good partners.

We look forward to hearing from partners who can share our thoughts and


Thank you.

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01      240th Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae store confirmed to open.

12      Awarded Korea Franchise Association President's Award.

07      tvN 'A well-earned young boss' broadcasted.

02      200th Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae store opened.

09      Awarded Korea First, World Best Award in food franchise industry.

04      20 million bowls of Kimchi Jjigae sold.

12      Awarded by the Minister of Food and Drug Safety.

06      Completion of Kimchi factory.

02      Launch of the new menu, grilled kimchi and pork.

12      SIMPLE F&B Main Biz. certified.

11      SIMPLE F&B Inno. Biz. certified.

10      ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification obtained.

04      10 million bowls of Kimchi Jjigae sold.

02      150th Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae store opened.

11      'HOROROK FOOD' Co., Ltd. changed its name to 'SIMPLE F&B' Co., Ltd.

10      Establishment of an affilated research institute and acquisition of venture             company certification.

03      5 million bowls of Kimchi Jjigae sold.

07      100th Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae store opened.

09      50th Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae store opened.

08      Establishment of 'HOROROK FOOD' Co., Ltd. (Meat processing factory)

10      Establishment of 'SIMPLEMEN' Co., Ltd.

           (Start of Baekchae franchise business)

12      Establishment of Baekchae Kimchi Jjigae Bongcheon main store(1st store).